Picture of Veterans

President George H W Bush


  • Sulley was President Bush Service companion. Sulley friend was missed.

Sharon Lane


 Sharon Lane:  The only military nurse and the only woman slain as a direct result of enemy fire in the Vietnam War.   Philip Bigler, author of the 1996 book "Hostile Fire: The Life and Death of First Lieutenant Sharon Lane," 

Aerial View of Veterans Park


Much work has been done at Veterans Park. This picture was after the First Stage was completed

Senator Barrasso with Don Luogh, Chuck Arndt, Glen Hall and Jim Arndt


The Honor Guard was Presenting Colors at a Wyoming State Republican party dinner in Riverton Wyoming.

Veterans Day Brunch


Nancy is an old salt with a big smile. Is waiting in line to receive her Food.

Last of the Windows installed at Veterans Park


On a cold day in December. The last of the Windows was installed. More work will be done this Summer.

Picture of Veterans

Veterans Day Parade


On November 11, 2018 Veterans Day Parade. All the VSO participated.

Sgt Hall in Paris French.

Marine Guard American Embassy in Paris France

Sgt. Hall was Marine Guard at the American Embassy in  Paris France. Around 1962.

Don on the USS Swordfish with Santa


Christmas on a submarine

Donald Long


Medal of Honor Recipient for Saving 3 Wounded Soldiers. Sad to say Long did not survive this battle!

Airman 2nd Class Thomas Hall


Crew Chief of an F 102 in Okinawa and served at Travis AFB.

Picture Taken by Bert Oakley


Picture taken of an F 4B landing on the Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation in 1964.


Senator Enzi


Honor Guard for the Wyoming Republican party in Riverton Wyoming

New Sign at Veterans Park


Changes is going on and more improvement will happen this Summer.

Dr. Mary Walker Army Surgeon

 Dr. Mary Walker a POW, A  Woman Army surgeon. And the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor

  Dr. Mary Walker, was an American abolitionist, prohibitionist, prisoner of war and surgeon.  She is the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor 

F-22 B


The Most Advanced Fighter ever build! Air Force is trying to make updates on many of the system. Funding is need and our Congress is moving slowly. It could happen in a year or two.

B-52 G


The Best Bomber the Air Force has ever had. Slated to be retired in 2045. Think about this . WWII Pilots have flown this Magnificent Beast!  When the B-52 retires. It will be 100 years after WWII. As I write this message. Babies are being born right now could and will be the last pilot to fly this B-52.

Old Tanks


A Tank Museum is been built in Dubois Wyoming. Will Open in the Summer of 2020. 

Clean up is still a hour away


It was good day for all Veterans!.

Pepsi had given us use of there trailer


Without help from Pepsi Co. We could still do this lunchen. Pepsi made it easier for all.

Slow down time


It was wave of people and then there was nothing. At this time we were very slow.

Three Marines


Team work makes our Marines the very best!

Two Marines


A Marines will not do any job half way.

Sgt Major Hall


 The last person to make fun of this Marine had a free nose job.

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Getting ready to server some warm food.

In the Military inspection is away for officers to have some work.

Inspection is away for Officers to have some work. No inspection is needed today!

Young man enjoy being with Veterans

A young man enjoy oneself with the Veterans

Young Man have fun being with the Veterans

Our Flags


As to why so many Veteran care so much about our flag. The Flag is what our men and now women follow when going into battle.

Warm food is cooking!


Everything is ready and Troops, Sailors, Marines and Air Force is here to rise money for our Veterans.

Marines Wife


The only person that can scar a  Marine, Is a mad Marine wife!

Sergent Major


This Sergent is pulling KP. We had no complaints about the food! 

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Base Stone


Base Stone


The Base is carefully laid  in the exact Center 

The Monument


Being Measured for the exact center

Monument Lifted


Sealant is place to prevent water and any other problems.

Cleaning this Monument


There are no winners in war. Only Surivors


Lets go 200 years without any Wars. World wide!

Pictures of the Menoril

New Location for our Sign


The work was done by Doug Nesly. Did an incredible job in making this sign. Many of our Veterans have Tremendous skills.

Air Force, Coast Guard, and our Missing


 A new back stop was installed to prevent water from washing up on the bricks of the people that served

Army, Marines and Navy


  A new back stop was installed to prevent water from washing up on the bricks of the people that served 

Believe to be M2 design


 By June 1939, the Medium Tank T5, Phase 1 prototype was ready for trials, with a sloped hull wrapping a tall fighting compartment and a new 350 hp R-975 aviation radial engine. This vehicle, which would be standardized as the M2, was limited to 18 vehicles delivered, for evaluation by a US Army commission. More had been ordered, but the order was canceled. 

M 18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

M 18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

 The origin of the M18 dates to these first few weeks before the United States’ entry into World War II.  Outgunned as they were, Hellcat crews managed to destroy a significant number of enemy tanks, and were effective in blunting German panzer attacks when given the opportunity. 

1951 Dodge Truck M43 Panel Ambulance


 The M-43 3/4 ton rated ambulance is a variant of the M-37 cargo truck, built by Dodge as a follow-on to the World War II vintage WC-54 Dodge ambulance and WC-64 KD Dodge ambulance, both part of the G502 series of WC 3/4 ton trucks. 


Happy Birthday Don

Some men have all the luck!.

Formed in 1985, the Navy Band Woodwind Quintet maintains a varied repertoire dating from the 18th to

Navy Band Woodwind Quintet

Formed in 1985, the Navy Band Woodwind Quinte

 The Navy Band played two Concert in Riverton Wyoming. The first was at Veterans Park. The Second was at the old Church now Museum on Park ave. They were the most friendly Musicians there was.

Pictures will be added

C Sgt Major Griffin


Our heroes will not be forgotten



A leader like Lincoln. Is hard to come by.

Going Home


Last stop before going home!

Civil War


Infantry Soldiers

Always ready


Always wipe first



Honor Guard